Forbes doesn’t know the best school FOR YOU.

What is the Best College in America? is a great article from the Huffington Post written by Danny Licht, a 17 year old student in Los Angeles.  On August 1st, Forbes released their annual ranking of US Colleges and Universities.  Danny does a brilliant job deconstructing why indeed these ranking are subjective and should be of limited use to students applying to college.  Please, do not be fooled.  Forbes provides some useful information, but the actual rankings are a marketing tool to sell more magazines.  The editors at Forbes do not know the best school for each individual student, and in the book, The Paradox of Choice, Professor Barry Schwartz cites multiple psychological research studies that have proven repeatedly that social comparison does not improve the quality of our lives.  School selection is a personal discovery and decision for applicants and their families.

Good work Danny for saying something every student & family should keep in mind!

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