Human beings have an intrinsic desire to be productive, successful and happy.  As adults, we can specifically tailor our lives to meet those goals.  Often, children do not have the faculties, the flexibility or the skills to reach those ends in their academic settings.  We know that when school feels demoralizing or when a child senses that he or she is not productive or capable of being successful, the short and long-term consequences can be profound and affect a child’s motivation and desire to persevere.

At Strengths for Students we help children not only to succeed academically but also to harness their reservoirs of strength in order to develop a growth mindset, to respond flexibly and to develop personal, academic autonomy.

We believe that students thrive when those who surround them work collaboratively and creatively to support them.  As educators working with individual students, we understand that our roles extend beyond just the child.  To be effective, we feel it is essential to interface with and educate the parents and teachers of our pupils in order to create the best environment for a student’s success. 

Our services include outstanding educational remediation for students with learning challenges, as well as individual instruction for students struggling to master the specifics of a given curriculum.  At Strengths for Students we draw upon the tenets of Positive Psychology to help students build self-confidence, perseverance and emotional resilience, not only in their schoolwork but also as they transition into new academic settings.  Finally, we collaborate with other teachers and professionals who work with children, sharing best practices and collecting resources we consider instrumental in assisting students to develop their personal strengths as they grow academically and emotionally.